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AIR FILLS Get your air fills here at Go Dive Service Centre

Scuba Air Fills

Here at Go Dive Service Centre we can offer air fills at competitive rates. We have very clean air with our four stage filtration, perfect for technical divers and all scuba divers wanting the security in knowing that the air that they are breathing is the cleanest available.

We offer up to 300 bar air fills and have nitrox banked at 32% up to 250bar (We are now only filling Nitrox on Thursdays). We will fill tanks only that are in test and meet our own safety requirements*.

We offer both cold and hot air fills, if you are after a cold air fill please be prepared to leave your tank with us for the day or over-night so we can make sure you get the maximum air fill to your tanks capacity.

With hot air fills you can get your tank filled while you wait in about 10 mins, but we can only fill to the tanks capacity then as the air cools you will lose pressure, usually up to 10-20 bar.

Air fills

Air fills(non scuba)

Air fill Discount Cards
$13.90/fill with a 10 fill card

Nitrox Fill top up(32% Banked)
$18 for fill (tank must be over 150bar)

Nitrox Fill (32% Banked)
$28 for fill

Nitrox Fill empty tank(32% Banked)
$33 for fill

Nitrox Fill (other than 32% Banked)
We are no longer offering partial pressure fills

Nitrox Discount Cards (32% Banked)
$24.90/fill with a 10 fills card

Please call Go Dive Service Centre Monday - Fridayon 07 3857 1907 to discuss any of your air filling needs.

*Aluminium tanks that are made before 1990 will not be filled or tested. Even if they carry the Eddy Current test stamp. For more information click here.